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Yesodot Tzur has developed a unique expertise in organizing and managing acquisition groups and purchasing groups on a large scale.

Yesodot Tzur has successfully managed to populate, and manages groups of hundreds of purchasers, providing them with an overall response and mantra: from the stage of locating and acquiring land, planning management, execution management, project financing, customer service, mortgages, checking and legal support.

The members of the group enjoy peace of mind and one address for all aspects and stages of the project and a professional response and services, on the engineering-professional, financial, legal and planning side.

Being an entrepreneurial company and executive company, which initiates and builds itself on a large scale, gives it a significant advantage in the management of acquisition groups and purchasers.

The acquisition groups benefit from their many years of experience which results in saving time and project costs.

Tire Basics has “receipts” for managing groups of hundreds of buyers who have already been accommodated in their apartments to their satisfaction.