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About Yesodot Tzur

For the past 22 years, the Yesodot Tzur group, owned by real estate developer Hillel Jacobson, has been involved in real estate development and construction, and is synonymous with quality construction and reliability.

With a strong and impressive economic backing, including the construction of more than 2,000 residential units, commercial centers, industrial buildings and offices, public institutions, schools and kindergartens, synagogues and Yeshivot – Yesodot Tzur has been providing its customers with a quiet head since 1995.

The Group has an entrepreneurial arm engaged in locating, planning and upgrading land for construction, and a contracting arm engaged in the construction and construction of the various projects.

The foundation of Zur combines innovation, creativity, advanced technologies and uncompromising quality, while complying with the strictest standards. The company has the approval of the Ministry of Housing to access unlimited tenders, the ISO9002 standard, and the contractor’s certificate from the Registrar of Contractors with unlimited scope.

The company has a Dan rating of 100 construction and entrepreneurship for 2019

Tzur Foundations believes that satisfied customers are their best business card and committed to providing personal and dedicated service all the way from the design stage to long after receiving the key.

The company provides a comprehensive solution to the entire process of initiation and execution, and manages the planning, sale, construction, contact with purchasers, registration, etc., as well as actual construction.

The company has accumulated considerable experience in dealing with accompanying banks, engineers and supervisors, reporting expenses, managing budgets and all that is required for a large construction project, from the first day until its successful completion.

Wherever the foundations of Tzur were built, the projects benefited from a great demand, which resulted in price increases that led to the upgrading of the entire area.

Yesodot Tzur implements residential neighborhoods for example, and combines quality and reliable construction with dedicated and personal service.

Tzur’s Foundations Know that purchasing an apartment is one of the most important decisions, so as a family-oriented company managed by Hillel Jacobson, she makes sure to give personal attention to all her clients and does everything so that they know that there is someone to trust.

Current Projects for sale:
Al Hanachal – House for Sale in Biet shemesh
Sunrise Mishkafayim – Large Apartments for SALE in Ramat Biet Shemesh, with 5-6 rooms!!! 200 sqm in one floor !